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At 77 still going strong thanks to herbal erect

Just the BEST!!

I've been a loyal customer for over a year and a half. One extra strength last me 3 -4 days. Just the BEST!!!

Great results

The results I received from the use of Herbal Erect were great!

6 Pack Extra Strength [$11.50 each] - PRICE:

It is fantastic!!!


Work as advertised

It works!!

It works!!


Works great, I use it in my coffee and 20 minutes later I am ready to go.

Herbal Erect - Is the Perfect Solution alternative to Drugs

I have written a few reviews on Herbal Erect this year and I am happy to say that it is still the best non drug solution on the market today. I have tried any number of products, both Medicine based (Viagra, Cialis ,etc...) and Non Medicine based (ScoreMore, HornyGoatweed, etc..). It simply works if you follow the directions given.

It work

Follow the direction on the package it work GREAT

Great Product

I am in my 60's and this product is outstanding, I take it on Monday and still have the effects on Wednesday. My wife is delighted that it works so well and doesn't cause any side affects like Viagra.

this stuff is great and works fantastic i'm hooked!

I have no regrets

I’m back to buy more. Works like magic. About to introduce my friends to it.

Genuinely impressed

I thought I'd try the introductory offer of one package for $5.00, just pay shipping... got the Regular Strength, and hey, since the Extra Strength package offered the same deal, why not get it too... (just in case the Regular Strength didn't work).
Tried the Regular Strength as directed first...when Bedtime came, Bang! my Wife and I had a GREAT time.
Couple of weeks later, tried the Extra Strength... was pitchin' a tent 45 minutes later! Put that to good use and was ready to go again when Bedtime came... and again!

Wonderful Tea

The best thing out there thank you so much

6 Pack Extra Strength [$11.50 each] - PRICE:

great stuff

this stuff is amazing, i got the free sample it worked good and bought some more, i took it as directed when i got up on an empty stomach and it was great. there is no kind of side effects at all and it lasted 3 days! i am 71 years old but with this stuff i am much younger. GREAT STUFF!

Good product but too pricey

Would love to purchase more, but too pricey which causes me to use other products that’s effective

Good product

Works good

Satisfied Customer and Spouse!!!

This really works!!!


Very satisfying product

Great results

The results were just as described. Great product.


This actually works!!

Highly Recommend!

As advertised. Highly recommend.